Item #: CI-298


Item Class Designation: Euclid

Security Precautions: Item CI-298 is to be kept in cryogenic stasis in a standard CI containment room monitored by an infrared camera at all times. CI personnel must check on CI-298 daily in order to examine its container for degradation and maintenance. CI personnel must be sterilized before and after leaving the CI-298's containment chamber. If CI-298's container shows signs of thawing or damage, CI-298 must be placed in a new stable container no later than 10 minutes after the discovered damage. The room in which CI-298 is contained must also be regularly inspected for signs of dust, germs, and any other organic or inorganic matter on the floor, walls, or ceiling that CI-298 could make use of. If CI personnel show any signs of behavior that does not follow standard CI procedure during maintenance or containment, or any other behavior that could put CI-298's containment or other CI personnel at risk, they will be executed and liquefied, or should that prove ineffective, cryogenically frozen along with CI-298.

Description: 298-A is a stuffed doll with brown fur similar in appearance and texture to a brown rabbit with four stubby limbs, a hard bony tail, and a large front cavity, framed with wooden jaws and real human teeth. The cavity is filled with dull red cloth and is deep enough to fit a child's arm in. If an incision is made on 298-A, evidence of 298-B can be seen under the fur and fiber cloth. 298-B is a dark liquid with a thickness and texture akin to molasses, and is capable of reading and integrating organic and inorganic matter on the atomic level, absorbing flesh, stone, metal, plastic, and any other material it deems useful for its species.

If 298-B comes into contact with a living creature, it will attempt to take over the creature's body and integrate itself into the creature's nervous system, taking on the newly found body as a host, thus creating 298-C. 298-C will appear to suffer from a mild fever upon inspection, but will otherwise move, act, and talk (If human) the same way it would prior to cellular invasion. 298-B will live off any nutrients 298-C ingests over the course of the next few days (Typically a 48 hour period), after which time it will break down its host body into simple usable organic matter for the purpose of reproduction. Having taken in new information and integrated material into its main body, 298-B will pass on this newfound information to its offspring. Each new instance of 298-B will possess any useful material it inherited from its mother, such as skin, fibrous materials, metal, and especially any tools that may prove conducive to feeding or propagation, such as bladed weapons or even complex machinery such as power tools or firearms. It should be noted that 298-B, as well as any material or body 298-B makes use of can bend light around it, effectively making it invisible should it choose to do so. However, it can still be detected via infrared vision.

CI-298 was discovered at an elementary school in [Redacted] on [Redacted]. The school had been quarantined by the SCP Foundation, but SCP personnel ultimately failed to secure CI-298, supplying it with a great number of bodies, tools, and weapons to make use of. CI personnel broke through the quarantined zone on [Redacted] and by use of chloric acid, liquid nitrogen, and infrared goggles was able to find and destroy all the newly formed 298-B, but the mother, originating from 298-A proved too difficult to destroy and was taken off site. As long as CI-298 is kept cryogenically frozen by means of liquid nitrogen and similar freezing agents, its ability to interact with, read, and integrate other organic and inorganic material can be prevented.

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