Established Entities

Below is a list of established lore entities in the Insurgency. Do not contradict these in your Anomaly pages, or they will be forced to undergo rewrites. Also, use common sense; just because something doesn't show up here, doesn't mean your Anomaly is one-of-a-kind.


Base 055-09F
Contains: SN-00F


Outpost RN-56GN
Contains: SN-024

Outpost 14-UIY
Contains: SN-019

Foundation Sites:

Contains: SN-0AD

Contains: SN-001

Divergence Squads:

Divergence Squad 0056-024
Rank: Delta Cell
Assigned To SN-024

Divergence Squad 2642-Beta
Rank: Beta Cell
Has Been Associated With: SN-062

Divergence Squads 0001-001 - 0006-001
Rank: Omega Cell

Research Divisions:

Ba'al Divison
Designation: BD
Rank: Delta Cell
Has Been Associated With: SN-024
Assigned To: N/A
Field: Anomaly Weaponization

Intelligence Research Division
Designation: IRD
Rank: Delta Cell
Has Been Associated With: SN-052
Assigned To: SN-052
Field: Cognitive Anomaly

Animate Inanimates Division
Designation: AID
Rank: Delta Cell
Has Been Associated With: SN-0AD, SN-00F
Assigned To: SN-0AD, SN-00F
Field: Inanimate Anomalies That Exhibit Autonomous Movement

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