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Forward Operating Group(s)

Being a part of a Forward Operating Group does not mean you have special distinction or rank it is merely a bureaucratic namesake and military call sign. Rarely will F.O.G.(s) wil have higher ranks and if they do it is for good reason.
Call-sign Nickname Description
FOG EMPRESS Maidens of Death Empress' are the most elite of all CI troupes they are neigh immortal and never leave the Delta commands side. They do exactly as the members of Delta command says no matter what. They have had multiple anomalous additions to them these include but are not limited to: surviving after losing 30% of their brain matter, surviving a loss of 4 litres of blood, run up to 40 MPH, lift over two tons, and an accelerated healing rate. There are only ever █ at any given time due to the extreme cost of creation.
FOG Kings The Elites these are the people that protect all high ranking staff. They are rarely modified due to the mental strain caused. All FOG Kings are selected for high skill and a stable mental capacity.
FOG Rooks 1 The damned suits these are highly modified soldiers that emanate a smoke to give them a edge in combat combined with their incredible speed and strength. They have five times the standard human stamina, three times the strength, and are twice as fast.
FOG Rooks 7 Castle Boys These are soldiers that primarily defend CI FOBs highly versed in defensive combat.
FOG Rooks 18 Castle Squires These are soldiers that protect the main Bases.
FOG Rooks ██ Castle Knights these soldiers are highly classified and protect the CI HQ and rarely ever leave the CI HQ.
FOG Emperor 5 Crack Pots These operatives are specialized for long range to medium encounters and are equipped with high powered sniper or marksmen rifles.
FOG Emperor 9 The Hidden These are CI spec op soldiers highly versed in stealth. these are the troupes sent in to retrieve anomalous artifact from highly defended locations or to kill high value targets.
FOG Bishops The Drivers these are CI that are trained in the use of vehicles. their number dictates what vehicles they are trained for.
FOG Knights The Gunmen these are CI that are the primary offensive force. Most CI operatives will fall under this designation weather they be specialized or not.
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