How To Write An Anomaly

So You Want to Write an Anomaly

Congrats, fam. This means you decided to stop shitposting and be productive. A big step indeed. Just please, actually read this before posting. Needless to say, a good portion of this is ripped from SCP, because their guides may be solid, even if the writers there are on C A M P G A Y

Before You Start

So, at the very least, you have some inkling of an idea for an anomaly. That's great, but that's not all that has to be done.
When you're writing, at least make sure that:

  • You have your idea fleshed out.
  • Your control/containment/usage procedures are reasonable.
  • You have a clear description of what your anomaly is.

And hey man, it might not do well. It happens. But to try and prevent massive amounts of spaghetti that comes with free-styling it, make some drafts, on Notepad or whatever. For the formatting, well, they may be peak soi, but as it stands SCP has some fantastic sandbox materials to work with. Its HIGHLY unlikely to get shoah'd, so be sure to use that to hone in your formatting and drafting, but nevertheless keep a backup of it on Notepad just in case.

Be sure as well to share your drafts with your fellow not-so-Anons for 'criticism' and 'feedback'.

Actually Writing the Damn Thing

So each Anomaly bears a Serial Number (SN-XXXX)

The four XXXX are hexadecimal digits (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,A,B,C,D,E,F). Its value does not matter, you can pick whichever catalog entry you want so long as it wasn't already taken.
For anomalies made up of distinct multiple parts, add a -X postfix to the number (Example: SN-1234-1, SN-1234-2)

Every anomaly is also issued a classification. Honestly, do not worry about classifications too much. They should be a post-hoc, 'summarize what we do/did with it'.

Every anomaly has Control Procedures. These are not containment procedures. Containment procedures are locking it in a box forever. Control procedures are locking it in a box so you can open it later.

Then, of course, there's the description. Self-explanatory for what you're doing there. Describe the anomaly, as to what its anomaly is, in as certain or uncertain terms as you want.

Then there is Application. Basically speaking, its consisting of 'What exactly are we using this thing for?' Are we selling it? How did the sale go through, with what stipulations? Using it as a weapon? When/how do we use it as such, and against whom? The sky is the limit for this. Be creative.

Remember: THE CONTROL PROCEDURES, DESCRIPTION, AND APPLICATION SECTIONS ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT PARTS OF YOUR ARTICLE, and you should put ample thought into each section. Remember, this is a horror site, so there should be some sort of emotional 'oof' from the article, or at the very least something interesting; these sections are going to be where you do that. Barring some addendum where the true horror is revealed at the very end, you should try and make sure you leave something lasting once someone closes that page.

Secondly, and this is for all you W O R L D - B U I L D E R S out there. The lore you want to make is the lore you transcribe in the anomaly files. If you want to include some sort of character or lore concept, do so through the files, and if not that the tales. No one wants the collective fart-huffing of a forum/discord chat with no actual works to back it up.

Finally, we know some of you will slip in stories inspired by jokes, but inspired by a joke is much different than a joke. If you make an enthralling Anomaly based off of a le funny greentext, that's great, but joke-jokes are reserved for -J articles (and -Js will almost never be removed).

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