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Test Subjects:
Individuals deemed to be "scum" by the Insurgency, and, as a result, the only morally acceptable candidates for potentially hazardous anomaly testing. Once they are no longer of use, they are to be terminated. If a member of this rank gains the trust of the Insurgency, a head of Delta Cell may issue a VETO order, promoting the individual to Alpha Cell.

Alpha Cell:
New members of the Insurgency and VETO recipients. They are not to be trusted with the handling of an anomaly, or dealings with the Foundation. This rank is only to handle basic tasks meant to prove their worth to the Insurgency. This rank does not contain doctors or heads, and must receive orders from a member of any higher rank. Promotions are handled by Beta Cell.

Beta Cell:
This rank is permitted to handle low-threat anomalies and operations. As a result, Beta Cell is not permitted to handle Belial or Non-Standard Class anomalies. Most of the Insurgency is Beta Cell, as it is considered the standard rank. Promotions are handled by Delta Cell.

Delta Cell:
This rank is permitted to handle mid to high-level threats, as well as most anomalies and operations. Most permissions required for Test Subjects, Alpha Cell, and Beta Cell, are handled by Delta Cell. Most divisions are in Delta Cell. Promotions are handled by Zeta Cell.

Zeta Cell:
This rank is permitted to handle all non-executive operations in the Insurgency, and are usually tasked with handling potentially catastrophic anomalies and operations. Promotions are handled by Omega Cell.1

Omega Cell:
In the interest of keeping the Insurgency uncompromised, the Omega Cell is almost entirely anonymous. It is unknown how many members of Omega Cell exist, but it is understood that the cell has a singular head of operations, as opposed to the democratic functioning of the other cells. Omega Cell does not deal with anomalies or operations directly unless absolutely necessary to the survival of the cause.

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