Site Rules

Eww. Rules. My worst enemy. Please don't spank me Mr. Entrol. I've been a very kind edgy-boi…

  1. Don't do anything illegal with the site. You can talk about illegal activity, but, if you do, mods/admins have full discretion over warning you or not. You will not be banned for talking about illegal activity. You can be banned for committing illegal activities with or through the site.
  2. We have to appease the copyright overlords when they try to smite us. If you don't want to risk your perfectly fitting images getting removed, make sure they don't pose copyright risks.
  3. No spam.
  4. YOU WILL NOT BE BANNED FOR BEING AN EDGE-LORD! We will just make fun of your daddy issues and lack of tendies instead.
  5. Do not edit articles that are not yours unless the author has given you consent permission.
  6. Please list all appropriate writing or, if needed, image credits on your article's discussion page when uploading. Failure to do so may lead to your article's removal, regardless of its quality.
  7. "Serial Numbered" (SN) articles will be removed once having at least a -10 score that is not the result of downvote brigades (although some downvote brigades will be acknowledged).
  8. Continuing on Rule 7, if an article is grossly against the format for no reason that's good, or just a clusterfuck, it will be removed. This is to create an incentive to write before you post. We will notify you when this happens.
  9. -J articles will never be removed due to a negative score.
  10. If a mod abuses their powers or is a cunt, notify D EntrolD Entrol and he will fuck them a new pussy.
  11. If D EntrolD Entrol abuses his powers or is a cunt, revolt.
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