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San Marcos de la Vida Eterna Church, 07/27/1903.


Subject Class: Fenrir

Status: Possession of Foundation

Control Procedures: Due to SN-001's current status, and the nature of the Anomaly, it is a prime directive of the Insurgency to neutralize the subject at all costs. Divergence Squads 0001-001 - 0006-001 are to coordinate capture plans along with the head of Omega Cell, with the intent to attempt. At this current time, capture has been deemed to be likely impossible.

Plants in the Foundation are to inform the head of Omega Cell of any and all activations of SN-001 as soon as possible. If the plants are to discover a plot to use SN-001 against the Insurgency, Recovery Protocol 09D1-001 is to be enacted immediately.

Description: SN-001 (known to the Foundation as the true copy of SCP-001) is a group of nine humans between the ages of four to eleven (known as SN-001-1 - 9), contained by the Foundation in San Marco, Mexico, beneath the previous site of the San Marcos de la Vida Eterna church. Despite the efforts of the Foundation to give false information claiming SN-001-1 - 9 to be functionally brain-dead, they are actually in a permanent state of pseudocoma and have been awake since gaining anomalous properties.

SN-001-1 - 9 emit extremely high amounts of gamma radiation, often in excess of 976GJ, in distinct patterns. These appear to be random when SN-001-1 - 9 are separated, but when in close proximity reveal the emission patterns to be consistent with [DATA EXPUNGED]. As a result, the Foundation keeps all members of SN-001 contained in separate units when not in use.

Before gaining anomalous properties, SN-001-1 - 9 were originally orphans selected by the Foundation as subjects for "Project-001: 'Twins of God'", and were the first and only subjects to survive the experiment and be deemed a success.

Project-001: 'Twins of God', which made SN-001, was an experiment by the Foundation with the end-goal of creating a near-perfect weapon that could remove any item from normal understandings of existence through activation. The only requirements for the weapon's activation are at least two of SN-001-1 - 9 being within a 20m radius and a command given by [REDACTED]. The project was carried out by SCP's Omega-5 research team, who are now known as the Overseer Council (O5 Command).

The process of Project-001 involved the possession of nine human vessels by creatures occupying an unknown anomalous spatial dimension only accessible through quantum tunneling. When activated and given a target, these creatures will pull the target into their dimension, removing them from our plane of existence. Orphans were chosen instead of SCP's usual use of D-Class personnel due to the belief that children would be easier to manipulate into taking part in the project. Once this was decided, orphan children attending San Marcos de la Vida Eterna Church were captured. The fact that these children were orphans is stricken from the SCP-001 document as part of the SCP-001 coverup operation. After numerous failed attempts, SN-001 was created. The project was considered a complete success and testing began shortly after.

Outside of initial testing, Foundation records mark only one use of SN-001. This use was against a group of interest to the Foundation known as the "Kingdom of Abbadon", with the purpose of wiping the entire group from existence.

Application: If it is believed that potential shaitan Anomalies can be convinced to help the Insurgency, if made to understand the implications of SN-001, then a Doctor of Zeta Cell may give the Anomaly the SN-001 document for this purpose. The success rate of this strategy is currently at 91.49%.

The capture of SN-001 is the greatest single-disarmament of the Foundation believed possible. The removal of SN-001 from the Foundation's arsenal could single-handedly secure victory for the cause. Although SN-001 is capable of destroying the Foundation without incident, SN-001 is forbidden from being activated by the Insurgency unless absolutely necessary.

If captured, the Omega Cell head is to, unless unable, terminate SN-001 personally with the rest of Omega Cell staff present. This is to be carried out through the administration of [REDACTED], in the order listed.

Addendum 1: The following stolen documents pertain to the creation and initial testing of SN-001.

Addendum 2: Stolen corresspondence regarding SN-001.

Addendum 3: Event 12DF-001: "The Origin"

Addendum 4: Current neutralization plans for SN-001.

Addendum 5:

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