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Subject Class: Tierra

Status: Assassination Device

Control Procedure: SN-00F is to be kept in a 3m x 3m x 3m cell, on a 1.5m x 1.5m x 1.5m pedestal, in base 055-09F. Due to the hunting strategy utilized by SN-00F-1, SN-00F is not to be opened under any circumstances. Any proposed missions utilizing SN-00F-1 must be approved by at least one (1) Delta Cell or above Doctor.

When in use, SN-00F-1 is to be retrieved at least fifteen (15) to thirty (30) minutes after its last kill, in order to ensure its reentrance of SN-00F. Although it is not required, the lid of SN-00F should remain closed when not in use. Before any uses, SN-00F-1 is to be adopted to the color/s of the surface/s being painted by the target.

In the event of a failed assassination attempt utilizing SN-00F-1, SN-00F-1 is to be collected and placed within SN-00F along with one (1) cup of water.

Any and all breaches of containment are to be brought to the Animate Inanimates Division (AID) immediately.

Description: SN-00F is a 2l can of paint, currently white, from the brand ████████. Its anomalous properties manifest once the paint within SN-00F, known as SN-00F-1, is applied to a surface. SN-00F-1 applies like normal ████████ brand paint.

When painting with SN-00F-1 is finished, SN-00F-1 will begin autonomous movement, and display behaviors consistent with ambush predators. It attacks any painter that used it in its direct vicinity (hereby known as the target), once the target/s has shifted attention away from SN-00F-1. SN-00F-1's method of attack is by detaching from the surfaces it was applied to, attempting to sneak up to the target/s. When SN-00F-1 reaches its target/s, it will then proceed to cover them with its own mass. Once 100% of the target/s volume is covered, SN-00F-1 will begin to change its chemical structure to that of a strong acid, made primarily of █████████ and ███████████████████████. The acid is strong enough to melt most tissue, and the target/s will dissolve within three to five minutes. This process is believed to be extremely painful. When the target/s are dissolved, SN-00F-1 will revert its chemical structure and reenter SN-00F.

If an ambush by SN-00F-1 is unsuccessful, it will hide near the initial attack area, camouflaging into its surroundings, and wait for the target/s to return. When camouflaging after a failed ambush, SN-00F-1 is able to change its color to that of any surface/s it is on. Once the target/s return, SN-00F-1 will attempt another ambush; these will continue until either the target/s or SN-00F-1 are terminated.

The closer SN-00F-1 is to dryness, the closer it is to "dying" (cessation of all function). SN-00F-1 dries at a rate consistent with ████████ brand paint. Once "dead", SN-00F-1 can be "revived" by being rehydrated completely. SN-00F-1 will remain perpetually wet while inside SN-00F as long as, if dry, it is provided with water. How this is accomplished is unknown.

Application: SN-00F has proven to be mildly successful (45% success rate) for use as a method of assassination against low to mid priority threats to the Insurgency. When successful, SN-00F has proven to be incredibly efficient, leaving no traces of all targets terminated thus far. Recontainment has also proven to be a non-concern for the Insurgency during missions, making it an optimal choice for low-level operations involving assassination.

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