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Subject Class: Belial

Status: Believed Captured

Control Procedures: Captured specimens intended for the purpose of further analysis must be contained in cryogenic stasis pods, with no more than five pods per cell. All stasis cells are to be located in outpost RN-56GN and guarded with at least two (2) agents per cell, armed with flamethrowers and chain mail undergarments in addition to default security weapons and gear in case of a security breach.

Due to the dietary habits of SN-024, no staff with XX chromosomes, hemophilia, or any detectable damage to the mucous membranes are allowed in SN-024's containment block.

In case of a security breach or a specimen of SN-024 escaping from a cryogenic pod, the containment block must be put in immediate lockdown, with the block's temperature reduced to at least negative fifty degrees centigrade (-50C°). In case of a specimen of SN-024 escaping containment, Divergence Squad 0056-024 are to locate and terminate the specimen. Upon termination, all bodies of land contacted by the specimen are to be burned with flamethrowers for at least fifteen (15) seconds, due to the properties of SN-024's body fluids.

In accordance with standard Belial-Class anomaly protocol, specimens of SN-024 captured without the intent of study are to be terminated as soon as possible by the Insurgency, lest it falls into the hands of the Foundation.

Description: SN-024 is a species of sentient hairless humanoids with an average stature of 2.6m and weight of 70kg, with the largest specimen recorded measuring 2.96m and 78kg. The faces of SN-024 have a fleshy growth in the mouth region, which separates to reveal a proboscis-like appendage, along with 6 rows of small teeth-like structures that resemble radulas. The palms and fingers of SN-024 are able to scale most surfaces, despite having no detectable claws or claw-like structures, filaments or secretions of any type. All specimens of SN-024 captured or neutralized at this point presented very low body fat levels and lean, ape-like, muscles.

SN-024 display nocturnal habits and behave similarly to ambush predators. SN-024 feeds by constraining a victim, usually human, and introducing its “proboscis" in one of the victim’s orifices and sucking the blood from the mucous membranes (most commonly targeting the intestinal or vaginal membranes). The anomaly will preferentially target individuals already with some degree of damage or bleeding on any mucous membrane, how SN-024 determine this, is unknown.

The brain located in the specimens' craniums are notably small, occupying 2/3 of the cranial volume.

Analysis of the body fluids secreted by SN-024 have revealed to be highly mutagenic, and have a high oncogenic potential. Direct contact with these fluids has been noted to increase the lifelong risk of cancer by 1800%.

The reproduction cycle of SN-024 consists of a pregnant female injecting a single larva in the intestinal tract of a victim, instead of feeding; the larva will sustain itself on the victim's digested food nutrients and blood for a period of two months. After the initial incubation period, the larva will eat its way to the nervous system and attempt to attach to the victim's spine. At this point, the larva will begin secretion of some of the mutagenic substances found from SN-024, resulting in hair loss and atrophy of the brain. Once the larva is attached to the spine, it will begin an unknown process that turns the host into a fully grown SN-024. This occurs in a period of two to five weeks.

The reproduction cycle of SN-024 has been reported as extremely painful. Symptoms include rapid hair loss, a change of skin color to a deep pink hue, aggressive and anti-social behaviors, and memory loss. All cases of metamorphosis are identifiable as being related to SN-024 within five days. Anyone who presents signs of metamorphosis (hereby designated SN-024-1) must be detained for medical analysis and experiments, if possible and safe. Once the medical analysis is complete (or determined unaccomplishable), SN-024-1 is to be terminated and incinerated.

Applications: SN-024 presents very few beneficial applications at the moment, with the mutagenic substances it produces being of particular interest for biotechnological and medical research, and the creature itself being possibly useful in biological warfare if any manner to control them is discovered.

The Ba’al Division (BD) requested permission, on 05/14/20██, to investigate the prospect of weaponizing the larva infection. This request has been denied.


SN-024 as seen on a news report by TV Maresol in 20██.

Addendum: First reports of SN-024 came from the northeastern Brazilian coast in 20██, with more widespread sightings being documented across South America within a year. Infestations of SN-024 were initially controlled by Insurgency agents infiltrated in local military and paramilitary forces. Despite occultation efforts by the Foundation, SN-024 attacks received some local coverage (the result of late suppression of the mainstream media).

Informants involved in various occult communities suggested that SN-024 may have been an escaped experiment of an as-of-yet non-contacted chapter of alchemists located in various Brazillian colleges. Their presence has since been confirmed at UFRN (Federal University Rio Grande do Norte), UFAC (Federal University do Acre), and UFPel (Federal University de Pelotas).

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