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Subject Class: Shaitan

Role: Intel Collection

Control Procedure: SN-052 is to be contained in a standard humanoid cell with according accommodations, and is not to be allowed exit of their cell unless given explicit authorization by no less than three (3) members of research staff, or staff of higher clearance, from the Intelligence Research Division (IRD). SN-052 is allowed to communicate with personnel through written notes. All notes used in this way are to be given to Doctor Turian.

Direct contact with SN-052 must be approved by at least two (2) head researchers from the IRD, and those who are coming into contact with SN-052 are required to wear clothes that cover their mouth, ears, and eyes. If SN-052 attempts to remove these garments, it is to be considered an attempted breach of containment and is to be responded to with forceful separation of the subject and SN-052. No staff suffering from a mental illness are allowed to communicate verbally with SN-052 at any time.

Unless impossible, all communications with SN-052 is to be done with the French language.

In the event that SN-052 is to have their location transferred, including experiments and health inspections, a route must be mapped out, and all extraneous personnel along the route are to be cleared for at least one hour before and after the transfer.

Description: SN-052 is a tall humanoid that absorbs all light across its entire body, except for its eyes (which absorb all but blue light). Infrared cameras have shown that SN-052 has no nose or mouth. Some research staff have reported being able to distinguish features like hair or ears on SN-052, but these claims have been found inconclusive. This is not to be confused with these not being present on SN-052, but rather, that these features cannot be told apart from others on SN-052.

Despite the absence of a mouth, SN-052 is capable of speech. SN-052 is incredibly adept in debate and persuasive discussion, and if staff engage with SN-052 long enough, continuously, they will adopt SN-052's desired mindset. Those who suffer from mental illness, or are in times of immense stress in their personal lives, are considerably more vulnerable to SN-052's persuasive abilities.

Sources in the Insurgency's chapter in France have stated that SN-052 is the subject of a story told in rural France of a man "as black as the devil" who would enter the windows of houses at night and make his victims do anything he wanted. When asked about this information, SN-052 informed the Insurgency that it lived in the woods and made its victims give it food every night. On certain occasions, SN-052 would then make its victims commit further actions for its entertainment; these included arson and the murder of family members.

If SN-052 does not wish to convince through debate or is unable to convince an individual due to anomalous means, SN-052 will attempt to stare into the eyes of their target. Staring at SN-052's eyes will put the target into a "puppet state" as SN-052 calls it. In this state, SN-052 has complete control over the target, which SN-052 calls "puppeteering", although the effectiveness of SN-052's commands is not as strong as if the target was commanded through coercion. Immediately after SN-052 relinquishes control back to the target, the target will fall asleep for an indeterminate amount of time; the timeframe of the slumber is directly correlated to the length of time in the puppet state. Upon awakening, the target will have no memories of being in the puppet state. Symptoms of an individual who has recently awakened from exiting the puppet state include irritability, violent thoughts, lack of or heightened energy, and mood swings. If in the puppet state for extended periods of time, a target may develop permanent changes in personality, including a shorter temper, increased desire to engage in sensual experiences, lower ability to empathize, and an interest in psychology and biology (if not already engaged in the subjects).

SN-052 has a fluent understanding of most human languages and is capable of communicating with all staff that have talked with it in their native language. SN-052 has stated that it prefers to speak French, due to it spending the majority of its life in France.

Application: SN-052 is planned for use in areas of interrogation and infiltration. Experiments are still ongoing through the IRD to see if it is possible for SN-052 to access and maintain a target's memories and personality during puppeteering. Infiltration has already been successful at [REDACTED].

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