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Subject Class: Tierra

Status: Commercial Product

Control Procedure: All instances of SN-062 not recorded in Insurgency financial records are to be burned with flamethrowers for at least five (5) seconds. If a specimen is found on farmland, communications are to be made with the land's owner to either sell SN-062 through the Insurgency or have them burned with full compensation for damaged property.

As per the agreements listed in the contract for farmers working with the Insurgency, any contact made to them about their specimens by a company with the acronym "SCP" are to notify the Insurgency immediately for further instructions. Failure to comply will result in the farmer's crop being removed by force, or termination.

All farmers growing SN-062 are to be given Guide 357C-062, which details the farming and harvesting process of SN-062, if they agree to grow crops of SN-062. Failure to comply with the Guide's instructions will result in the farmer's crop being removed by force, or termination.

All staff under Beta Cell are not to handle SN-062 unless fully mature. All handling of SN-062 is to be monitored by at least one (1) doctor from Beta Cell or above, and picking of SN-062 instances may only be done by the ears. All staff involved in the handling of SN-062 are to wear clothing with no holes or tearing of any kind; the eyes, nose, ears, and mouth are to be covered.

Any instances of SN-062-1 must be held in a safe only accessible to staff in Beta Cell or above.

Description: SN-062 is a plant completely identical in appearance to the species Zea Mays (corn). When an individual first encounters the anomaly, it will not react. However, if an individual approaches within 2m of SN-062, or attempts to harvest it, its roots will protrude from the ground, form bulbous ends resembling raw ears of corn, and proceed to enter any possible orifice it can. It subsequently releases melatonin and █████████████████████████ into the orifices from these ends, which causes the individual to become unconscious for two to ten hours, depending on the size of the ears that penetrated the individual. After waking, the individual will have no recollection of the incident.

Kernels from SN-062 have been found to be indistinguishable from those from normal corn.

Application: Since retrieval, farming for SN-062 has provided a moderate source of income for the Insurgency, which allowed for its initial expansion beyond the US into further territories in the 1940’s. Many individuals cooperating with the Insurgency farm crops of SN-062, and harvest them for the Insurgency to sell as corn kernels through front IE-77. Allies of the Insurgency have purchased SN-062 in the past for defensive purposes.

Addendum: After local stories surfaced in 193█ about SN-062 attacks in █████, Oklahoma, the Foundation planned to investigate the issue by sending Mobile Task Force [REDACTED] to the scenes. When the Insurgency received intel about the retrieval attempt, Divergence Squad 2642-Beta was sent to intercept. When Mobile Task Force [REDACTED] arrived, Divergence Squad 2642-Beta commenced a successful ambush and retrieved the instances of SN-062 without incident.

After initial studies were conducted, its applications were realized, and multiple seeds were collected before all known specimens were removed and incinerated.

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