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SN-0AD in containment. See Addendum 3 for information regarding image corruption.


Subject Class: Lilin

Status: Possession of Foundation

Control Procedures: SN-0AD provides no application or research potential, at this time, to the Foundation or the Insurgency. It is to be left in Foundation custody at Site-19. Any changes to SN-0AD's containment to the knowledge of Foundation plants are to be brought to the Animate Inanimates Division (AID) immediately.

In the event of interaction with SN-0AD, no less than two (2) staff, when possible, are to maintain eye contact on the Anomaly, with at least three (3) staff surrounding SN-0AD. When staff are about to blink, it is to be verbally announced.

Description: SN-0AD (known to the Foundation as SCP-173), is a humanoid statue comprised of concrete and rebar, with traces of Krylon brand spray paint. SN-0AD is animate and extremely hostile. The anomaly cannot move unless outside of any organism's line of sight. If a creature is within SN-0AD's reach while outside of its line of sight, SN-0AD will proceed to attempt breaking the organism's neck. It is currently unknown how, or if, the Anomaly attacks organisms lacking a neck.

SN-0AD emits a reddish brown substance made of feces and blood on a seemingly random basis. The Foundation cleans this bi-weekly.

Addendum 1: AID has been informed of a containment change dated ██/██/1993, from Site-██ to Site-19.

Addendum 2: On 04/15/2012, SN-0AD breached containment due to a system failure. ██ personnel were killed before containment was reestablished.

Addendum 3: On 06/██/2018, the Foundation launched a counter-measure to corrupt stolen photos of SN-0AD. The operation was successful. One of the corrupted images has been placed on the SN-0AD document to [REDACTED].

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