Subject Classes

Standard Classes:

tierra.png shaitan.png lilin.png belial.png

Tierras are non-sentient Anomalies that offer a distinct advantage to the Insurgency, or hold great monetary value. Use of these Anomalies in operations is permitted following authorization. They can potentially be sold to trusted organisms.

This sentient/sapient Anomaly has been, for all intents and purposes, turned to the purpose of the Insurgency. Considering mental stability and obedience of anomaly involved, field assignment placement may be allowed following authorization.

Lilin class Anomalies are not yet been secured by the Insurgency, and have yet to be designated Belial. If at all possible, attempt to convert Lilin to Shaitan or Tierra status. Failing that, attempt capture or termination, lest it falls into Foundation hands.

This Anomaly presents an immediate and extreme danger to unprepared personnel. If not of interest for research, the Anomaly is to be terminated.

Non-Standard Classes:

titan.png fenrir.png

This sentient/sapient Anomaly is incredibly dangerous, but, due to its immense strength and potential future use by the Insurgency, has not been classified as Belial. All efforts regarding Titan class Anomalies are to be focused on the turning of the Anomaly to the Insurgency's side. If this is deemed to be impossible, they are to be reclassified as Belial.


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